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Ancestry was born in La Spezia (ITALY) in 1988 as a cover band; they played Rush and Led Zeppelin’s songs to learn playing together, but they soon were attracted by prog-rock and started to create their own music; then there was a change from english lyrics to italian and some changes in the crew, but still keeping part of the original musicians and the same musical concept and style.

Ancestry live 1990 - CapoTerra (CA) and, below, band line-up at that time:
Federico Ruoppolo, Fabrizio Sicuteri, Fabio Menoni, Davide Maucci.

Ancestry took part in "Decibel" review, being present also in the final national show in CapoTerra (Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy) on 17 November 1990: the show was presented by Red Ronnie, who invited the band to his musical TV show "Beatles tonight" (on "Italia1": the first private channel TV in Italy): here Ancestry played The Beatles' cover "Strawberry Fields Forever". The band seemed to be complete, with Fabrizio Sicuteri on keyboards & Voice, Federico Ruoppolo on Drums, Fabio Menoni on Bass and Davide Maucci on Guitars.

Then Ancestry recorded the first Demo CD, but two years after they had to stop playing on stage because of frequent technical troubles, due to the bad work of several (local) sound technicians and show organizers. Unfortunately in the following time, any musical activity stopped, after the bass player Fabio quitted and, sadly after the sudden loss of guitar player Davide.

Time after time friends were missing...but Fabrizio Sicuteri and Federico Ruoppolo, original band members, decided that "show must go on" after all and in 1998 Ancestry went back with Fabio Venturini (guitar), started to compose new tracks, and line-up was completed with Dario Sommi on bass; so Ancestry were back on stage with brand new music.

. In April 2001 Dario decided to retire from playing and was replaced by Maurizio Bellofiore, a guitar/bass player who began to love prog-rock and found the right place in Ancestry.

Then other music writing, live shows, a signing for a label and finally "Discendenze" by Mellow Records.

Throughout all the troubles the band keeps music around the basic Ancestry concept: prog-rock, musical images and visions far from rethoric and virtuosity, always searching for imaginary worlds.


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