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Our address, i.e... where you can find us.

If you would like to get Demo CD or some more information about Ancestry, please feel free to use these addresses. We'll be glad to get your feedback or infos about reviews, live performances and whatever would be interesting for the band and our beloved prog rock.







But you can also find us on Usenet, in newsgroup it.arti.musica.rock.progressive.

Fabrizio sometimes wanders about it.arti.musica.strumenti.tastiere,
Fabio would like to write some nonsense on it.arti.musica.strumenti.chitarra, if he only had some more free time...

Snail mail address:

Ancestry C/O Federico Ruoppolo
Via G.B. de Nobili, 25
19100 - La Spezia

We provide you only Federico's address to let you heavily complain with him if you're angry after listening demo CD ... :-)))

But seriously he is the one that collects, censors and sends mail. You ought to know that all written vulgarities have to pass his severe judgement!

If you dare...

you can pay us a visit, but only if you are brave enough ;-)
Our "music hall" is a basement in Via Nino Bixio ..., La Spezia. If the gate is closed you can kick it off... then go downstairs to the dark and muddy yard (always dark, even in the daylight :-), cross the ditch (beware of mice!) walking on spare bricks and old wooden boards (some of which is broken...) that we placed to help the passage (what a trouble!) and knock on the brown door.
Please be careful! in case of heavy weather the yard is flooded, so if you slip off you'll fall in the mud, but there's something worse: if you step on the cesspool top, it opens and it's easy to fall in the pit...
Hum, let's do it this way: you'd better call us before coming and we'll let you find the drawbridge down :-)))
You'll see, our basement is wonderful! ;-)


  Copyright 2003 Ancestry