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Our first CD release is available!

" D i s c e n d e n z e "

Is out since 15th of March 2003 by Mellow Records! (Cat.nr. MMP430)

Here it is :


And here is the tracklist:

I Colori dell'Età Sorgente (17:03)

  - Risveglio (0:00 - 4:33)
  - Giada (4:34 - 6:28)
  - Colori Segreti (6:29 - 11:03)
  - Rinascere nell'Alba (11:04 - 14.38)
  - L'Età Sorgente (14:39 - 17:03)

Nuova Opera (6:08)

Stanza della Terra (7:17)

Oasi (7:03)

Labirinto (5:53)

Verso l'Esterno (12:07)


This is the present band line-up, all lyrics and music by:

Fabrizio Sicuteri
: Keyboards - Vox
Fabio Venturini: Guitars - Backing vocals
Federico Ruoppolo: Drum
Maurizio Bellofiore: Bass

With kind cooperation of:
Cristina Bertucci: News speaker in 'Nuova Opera'
Lorenzo Costa, author and actor at Garage Theater in Genoa: 'The Voice' in 'Labirinto'
Andrea Bellofiore: babygang's boss ;-) in 'Stanza della Terra'
Robbo Vigo and Mattia Cominotto at Zerodieci Studio in Genoa: Recording (ProTools) and Mixing
Mauro Moroni  (Mellow Records): co-production and trust ;-)

Audio samples (Right mouse button click ->Save Target As...):

I Colori dell'Età Sorgente (Intro 2' 16", excerpt)

I Colori dell'Età Sorgente (Giada 1' 50", excerpt)

I Colori dell'Età Sorgente (L'Età Sorgente 1' 36", excerpt)

Nuova Opera (3' 28", excerpt)

Stanza della Terra (2' 51", excerpt)

Oasi (3' 15", excerpt)

Labirinto (2' 50", excerpt)

Verso L'Esterno (4' 58", excerpt)

Tracks in low quality due to limited web space
(MP3 22KHz, 56Kbps 16 bit stereo)


Where you can find " D i s c e n d e n z e ":
if you are having a journey in Milan look at BTF, Bonaparte and Kaliphonia, in La Spezia Power Station, in Genoa FNAC, otherwise ask to your favourite Prog CD shop :-)

At any rate you can always order " D i s c e n d e n z e " - MMP430 on-line at Mellow Records Website: www.mellowrecords.com



As already written in our bio page, demo CD has been recorded in different times during some years, so you can easily notice some evolution within the tracks (in chronological order), and also a variable recording quality ... however, not considering first 2 tracks (English songwriting) and the 5th (almost instrumental), demo CD sounds rather consistent, yet allowing for some variety.

Here is demo CD front cover:


And here is the original band line-up, partially different from the present one:

Davide Maucci: Guitars - Voice in "Labirinto"
Fabio Menoni: Bass
Fabrizio Sicuteri: Keyboards - Voice
Federico Ruoppolo: Drum

Audio samples:

some different file formats will soon be available

Il Silenzio nel Tempo (1' 03", sample)

My Room (1' 13", sample)

La Stagione Prossima (1' 17", sample)


Wher you can find Demo:
assuming that you have listened to sample track and that you can't stand without it :-) very well, we are pleased... but where can you find it?
Being not an official release (up to now...), we'll send it you by mail. Demo CD price is € 5,00 ($ 6,00 outside Europe): no profit, since it nearly balances material and postal rates costs.
All you have to do is to send us an email or a letter to one of the addresses written here.


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